Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To stay or to stray off the beaten path...

Variety is truly a great thing.

It also happens to be one thing that we Angelenos have an absolute abundance of - Variety! Variety! Variety!

We have a variety of places to go; a variety of things to do; a variety of foods to eat, and a variety of people with whom to do it all.

Even with this variety, I usually go, do and eat the same thing day after day.  But not today!

After deciding it was time to stray off the path, today became my "try something new" day.

I decided to change breakfast. My first meal of the day is usually cereal & juice or (once a week) beacon & eggs. Today, I wanted to try something completely new and different, but what?

I turned to the internet for ideas and came upon a site talking about a traditional breakfast in Tokyo. (Here)

It sounded good and completely different. Now I had to find where to eat. Yelp and lead me to an article about Fukagawa.

Pictures like these below sold me on Fukagawa and on the traditional Japanese breakfast.

(photos from

I opted for the fish breakfast which is just under $10. My tray looked a lot like the picture but mine seemed to have even more food.

Needless to say, the food was great and so was Fukagawa!

My first "try something new" day was so successful I've pledged to try something new more often.

Any suggestions?

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