City7100 What & Why

Why write a journal?

A common questions asked of any cabbie is, "I bet you have heard and seen a lot while driving in LA. What is the craziest / the weirdest / or the funniest (insert your own adjective here) thing that has every happened to you?"

This journal is a simple way to answer that question.

These are not my stories, I'm just the lucky (or unlucky) one who watched them unfold or heard them told.

Such a treat!

I'm not much of a writer and this is not an attempt to become one. If you read any part of this journal you will find this to be a self evident fact rather than a well guarded secret.

Remember, these stories are based on my perception and interpretation of events. Any individual and their actions or intentions may be misunderstood or misinterpreted, I try to describe each honestly.

Details have been changed for the heck of it. In other words, if you think I've written about you, well it might be or might not be.

My only wish is to pass the time; pass along a story or two; hope for smile or maybe even a tear. More than anything else, ponder and appreciate those who have passed thru my cab.

What is city7100?

No, it is not the number of miles I drive each month.

Each cab in the city has a unique identification number. Do you want to guess what my cab number is?