Friday, August 12, 2011

A peek inside your bag?

If a random stranger walked up to you and asked to photograph the contents of your bag, would you say, "Yes?"

It seems like many have no problem letting photographer Jason Travis do just that. They even let him post the pics on as part of his "Persona" project.

Let see, do the contents of ones bag make the persona, or vise versa...

Let's play a quick game. What type of persona would you imagine toting this stuff around town?

The answers are revealed below but don't scroll down until  
you have created your mental persona picture

or this

or this

or this

or this last one

Are you ready? Do you have your mental picture created for each image? Does the stuff belong to a male or female? Are they young or maybe an older person? A local or a  tourist?

Last Chance
The answers are below this line.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

A special thanks to Jason TravisHis Persona Project can be found here.

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