Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From LAX to Oceanside on a Wednesday Afternoon

It’s about ninety-four and a half (94.5) miles from LAX to Oceanside. On this particular Wednesday afternoon I filled in for the ‘number one son’ who didn’t show up to drive his parents to Oceanside.

Returning from a 6 week trip to Tokyo, Japan, these parents waited two and half hours just outside of US Customs hoping their son would come around the corner and greet them. He didn’t. The long flight and time difference finally caused them to leave customs and venture outside to find alternative transportation.

The first fifteen minutes of our trip was a recollection of the arrangements they had made with their son (referred to as ‘number one son’) to pick them up and drive them home. The tone of the conversation leads me to believe that ‘number one son’ was being demoted to ‘number three son.’

The remainder of the trip was silent as both quickly fell asleep.

On the way back to LAX I decided to snap a few pictures on the iPhone. A few turned into almost a hundred.

Here are a few shots from the ride.

The First Shot in Oceanside  

Cloudy Skies

The Last Shot

If you want to see the others check out my album on Flicker - from LAX to Oceanside in Pictures.

ps. I filled the cab with CNG at Camino Capistrano. It was $14.91 total. ($1.92. per gallon. I got 22.6 mpg)


  1. Nowadays gas is $3.60 here in san diego. It really cuts into the profit margin. We had a extremely busy summer in 2008 and I estimated spending about $3,000 more than the previous summer in gas prices.

    Hope all is well,

    - Henry

  2. I'm always amazed with how different things are once you cross the county line from Oceanside to Orange County.