Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Jumble of Moments


        Some fleeting, others depleting - 
          sometimes too many, more often too few…

The Omni Please ---  Okay.  Sorry, my English no good. It’s fine. Thank you and enjoy you stay.

LA Live. Alright. Wow, there is nothing like this in Great Wells. Hey,  your purse.  Thanks.

The bellman asks, Will you take a credit card? Sure … the rides too short…  I hope your kindness pays - I wanted to say it already has - I meet you! Instead - Here’s my card.. Call me if you need a ride…

Where are you from? Canada originally. You? Idaho. What brought you to town? A Boeing 747. You? My Mom, dragging me by my ear?

The Met please -- Sure on Flower right?  Yeah, sorry for the short ride… No problem. It‘s $4.85.  Can I get $15 back please. Sure, no problem.

Stay on the curb -  I’m a New Yorker and I won’t have this conversation with you…  Be sure to get her home safe..

That was a great off-site reading but the jet lag is really starting to kick in. I’m beat!

Don’t spill those okay?  We promise we won’t…. Hey where’s a great place to go after dinner? What kind of place do you want? … Sounds like Villains’ is the place. Can you take us after we meet up with the rest of the group?

Would you take me to Checkers… Checkers Hotel? Okay…That’s $3.45 please…

Oops  - I’m having a Brain Fart - I’m sorry, that was too crude…  She giggled and said that’s okay.

Oh oh oh we got’ a hurry! I need to go to Ralph’s then to the check cashing place for a money order so I can get a money order and drop it under the Landlords door before he sticks me with a $25 fine for being late on my rent…..

No I can’t take all 8 at once but I’ll take 4 and come back for the rest…

An accident in his pants - grabbed the rain poncho from the trunk.  I’ve used it many times to keep the back seat clean and dry and only twice to keep me dry… After all, its California and it never rains in California. (well almost never)

I was getting a bit scared - thanks for picking me up… I’m late for my curfew, but only two minutes. Blame it on me - tell um the cab driver got lost - hit every red light and…  No I can’t - you’re the best.

Two drunk girls - Lets get out - this F*()&king as&$#ole won’t take us…

She jumps in saying Go! Go! Go!  He comes to the front window and says Get her home safe Buddy… She cried for 15 of  the 20 moments.

3 Drunks plus 1 (unhappy) tag along. Drunk rapping slurs and racial remarks - No use talking It will be over soon enough….

Hey Paul. Hi Carrie, how was your night?  You know- another day another dollar, but Lindsey came in tonight - she has really changed…

Hey Homie how ‘bout a flat rate?  Going to pick up my B and bring her back.. so its round trip. How much?

Is that a Broncos hat? I’m glad you said that…  How about John Elway?  I’m glad you said that…   But it’s a BSU Bronco’s hat.  I’m glad you said that…   You’re from Boise? No, but close… I’m glad you said that…   I was routing for Utah… Better luck next year, but not against us.. I’m glad you said that…  Here keep the change - This was the best cab ride ever… I’m glad you said that… 

Wow it’s cold - Paul this is my son, Dave. We need to drop him off at Union station on the way okay. Sure. It nice to finally meet you Dave, I’ve heard a lot about you… Well I’ve heard a lot about you too Paul. It was 5:30 in the morning but we laughed and laughed all the way to Union Station.  She goodbye to him and said, “I told you so.”

Every night in the cab is a jumble of moment, I remember them all but choose to appreciate and hold on to some longer than others..

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  1. "The Met please -- Sure on Flower right? Yeah, sorry for the short ride… No problem. It‘s $4.85. Can I get $15 back please. Sure, no problem."

    What a cheap bastard. Like the blog, set up a link to you on my site. It's about taxi driving in San Diego.

    Nice to find some local taxi blogs as well. Most of the ones that I come across are from New York, Australia, and london.

    - Henry