Friday, November 12, 2010

A Rolls Royce Taxi?

I dropped a customer at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and saw these unique Taxi cabs.

How about a Thunderbird / Trans Am custom car for a Taxi Cab...

But that wasn't all...

How about a Porsche Taxi Cab...

But that still wasn't all...

How about a Porsche or Corvette Ferrari (thanks NYC taxi photo) for a Taxi Cab...  

But that wasn't all...

How about a  Rolls Royce for a Taxi Cab... Remember this is Beverly Hills!!

There was also a Lamborghini but I didn't get a picture ...  All the pics can be found here.

High End Taxi Cabs

Actually these are promo cars for a History Channel TV program called Top Gear.


  1. oh wow! I loved top gear back when i was getting cable with time warner. I say the american version isn't gonna be very good. the trans am is very cool as it is a customized version of the new camaro, they don't even make trans ams anymore, good spot!! i think that corvette is a ferarri, and wow what a ferrari, we never see those here!

  2. nice link, now looking at the sneak peak that show looks pretty good, if only i still had basic cable, oh well not worth the money for all the crap thrown in with the good stuff.

  3. I don't know that I'd enjoy riding the the porche taxi - strikes me as a little cramped.