Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are you free??

My answer, “No - But I am reasonably priced...”

This happens all the time! Did you say what you mean or did you mean what you said?

Okay, I understand what they meant to say but I still silently chuckle every time I hear it.

Another one is, "Are you waiting for anyone?" It seems like a straight forward question but it can be tricky.

A simple, ‘Yes’ would not really work here. Nine out of ten people will walk away because what they really meant was; "Are you waiting for someone?" Answering, “yes” means you are not available.

I can’t answer the question with a, ‘Yes – anyone’ because, I promise, if Freddie Kruger shows up at my car door (with or without the mask) carrying a machete (okay even without the machete), he is NOT getting into my cab!

I find the best way to answer the question, "Are you waiting for anyone?" is, "Yes, I was waiting for you!" There is little chance to misunderstand that answer.

Remember, I’m not a writer! But now that I’ve been keeping this blog, I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to my English and the English used around me.

I recently picked up real nice young lady who shared some good advice.

She said, "The English language is rich and beautiful with a multitude of words, each with their own unique meaning. If you can't find just the right words to express yourself, you are lazy!"

She should know she just published her first book 'Hollywood Bowl Nights' and she also blogs here.

PS. I want to say a special 'Thank You' to Treena. She wrote a very nice comment recently and was the very first non cab driver or previous rider to do so.

I was not sure if my stories would be understood or appreciated outside of the cab industry. Thanks Treena!

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  1. haha, yes, I say "yes I'm waiting for anyone." but your's is better, I should probably add a: "you perhaps?" or.. "I'm available."

    So what's the deal with the L.A. cabbing? I thought I read here that it's only dispatch and illegal to pick up off the street? sounds nuts. And what are the jurisdictions, can any L.A. cab pick up and drive people anywhere in the area? I was out on vacation there, was excited by all the cabs I saw, and impressed that in Manhattan Beach at night I saw about 10 cabs in a two block radius, all cruising and picking up.