Friday, June 25, 2010

What's a man not to love...


You may have noticed most of my tales involve ladies. The fact is, ladies seem to talk more in City Cab 7100. Surprise, Surprise.

But this taxi tale is about a young Nigerian gentleman.

He said: "If you're a man this is the best weekend ever. Just think you have every sport playing today and tomorrow. To top it off, it's a World Cup year! What's a man not to love...?"

He went on to list all of the sporting events he and his friends had watched so far and continued by listing the remaining weekends schedule. He had opinions about, and high hopes for, each of his favorite teams.

As a Nigerian, he had special wishes for Nigeria's 'football' (I call it soccer) team in the upcoming World Cup.

He said: "I know they won't get through very far but I want them to make us proud and hold their heads up high. They do that and we can all hold our heads high!"

I asked him if he had another team that he would follow if Nigeria was eliminated early. Without pause he said, "Brazil of course! They have a great team and great fans. Have you ever seen the Brazilian chicks cheering in the stands? What's a man not to love...?"

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