Sunday, May 23, 2010

The best laid plans..

You know what they say, 'a man who fails to plan, plans to fail.' So everyday I jot down a few specific things I want to accomplish during my "down time." Wednesday was no different; I had a list of five things I wanted to make sure to accomplish.

Number three on the list was to update and edit stories and pictures for this blog.

There is a little coffee shop in Glendale that I like to frequent because of the great coffee, great people and free wifi. I figured to stop for a bite to eat and take an hour to tick task number three off my list.

It turns out Glendale was having its annual "A Taste of Glendale" event. Little did I know this event would make it impossible for me to accomplish any tasks --- and that's a GOOD thing!

Two juniors from the local high school came by to help the merchant serve samples of different things offered at the coffee shop. They would wait for patrons with the right colored wristbands to walk through the door and then pounce.

The event started slow and never really picked up to much more than a trickle of "samplers" with wristbands making their way from restaurant to restaurant.

This left the girls with little to do but chit chat. I was sitting close by and ended up joining in their conversation. I don't exactly know how it happened, but the time I had allotted for my tasks quickly passed as did an additional hour and a half. But as I said before, 'that's a good thing.'

These two young ladies were a lot of fun to meet and able to talk about a wide variety of topics. They each had a great sense of humor and engender great optimism for their generation.

If you happen to be in Glendale someday and bump into either of these two gals - beware or be prepared!

Your time will fly by but the experience will be a blessing. I promise.

PS. If you didn't remember - here is the movie info...
The Gods Must Be Crazy

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