Friday, April 2, 2010

City Hall


  1. Excellent I've been waiting for a current taxiblog from LA. great! So how is the work there? I've been wanting to move there for a few years now, but I figured there'd be no sense in driving a cab as everyone drives their own cars there. Does it do okay?

  2. Oh I remember this building, by the time we passed it we were talking about elections and how they're trying to make marijuana legal ahahahaha and I was no longer crying! =]
    Anyways Paul, I just dropped to say I LOVE YOU!! you're the best cab driver ever! and its not even because of your package or stories, its definitely beacause of YOU, because of who you are! kind, patient, funny, and of course friend!
    I entered your cab crying, in the middle of a nightmare, and left smiling, happy, you were my angel when I most needed and turned my nightmare into one of the best nights of my life and I'll never forget it (ok I'm crying again, but this time are happy tears)
    Thank you again for the wonderful tour and night, I hope someday I can give you as much joy as you've given me yesterday... and of course, thank you for the stories, they've realy amused me!! Like I said before, I could sit and talk with you all night long!

    Eu te amo cara! muito obrigada.
    (I love you dude, thanks very much)

  3. hey Paul add me on Facebook

  4. Hey Ty,

    It is great to hear from you. Your comments made me smile and brought me joy! You made my day! I'm not on facebook (yet) so plaese use to keep in touch...