Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A short trip - hoping for a long ride...

Short trips, long trips, good trips, bad trips, you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes a short trip is a great ride, other times they suck. It all depends on who gets in the cab.

Yesterday I had a great short trip (only about ten minutes) but I'm hoping she has a great, life long ride!

While waiting at Universal Studios for my next trip I spotted a very stylish young gal walking toward the cab. With a quick glance in my direction she flashed a subtle smile before opening the back door and settling in.

"I'm tired!" was her response to my customary greeting she rattled off her destination address. Now, thinking she's an employee of Universal rather than a tourist, I asked if it had been a long hard day. "No, it's just been long and not much fun." Okay, she's not an employee, she is an unhappy tourist.

She had forgotten her annual pass at home (in Virginia) so she spent her day exploring Universal's City-Walk and then took in a movie,  each activity being much more enjoyable when not done alone. To top it off the empty theater was showing Valentines Day. Watching a romantic comedy all alone, ouch!!

Something wasn't adding up. This is an attractive young lady, quite and soft spoken. Although a bit melancholy at the moment, she has this endearing quality. I had to find out more.

As it turns out, she just moved here from Virginia to pursue her dream of acting, and she just hadn't met anyone out here yet. She was only on day two of her journey.

We were very close to CBS studios so I took a quick detour and drove past the Radford entrance. Pointing at the main gate I said, "Someday soon you may be going to work right through that gate!"! Her smile grew big in the rear-view mirror as I heard her whisper, "Yeah."

We chit chatted a bit more before reaching her destination - her very first acting class here in LA!

My short trip ended with the obligatory "Break a leg!" and a plea for her to "Live in the moment. Enjoy the trip not just the successes!" She was smiling as she left saying, "Great advice, I'll try to remember that."

I hope she does. So many people come to LA to pursue their dreams and unfortunately too many fail.

This can be a tough town or a great town depending on who you meet and with whom you work. I pray she meets and works with only the best.

Darn, I forgot to ask for her autograph. She's going to make it big one day!

And I knew her when....

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