Monday, March 1, 2010

Short Trip - Great Memories

The trip from Vanessa's house to the airport was just too short, at least for me!

Sure, the longer the trip the more I'm paid, but that wasn't it. Really! Yes, she is an attractive young lady and a great conversationalist, but that wasn't it either. Okay, maybe that was part of it. Mainly, it was the conversation and the memories invoked of Idaho.

Idaho is a wonderful place and it just happens to be my home state. Our family came to Southern California when I was a child but Idaho has always been home, at least in my heart.

If you have ridden with me for any length of time, we probably talked about Idaho, the farm, or the Boise State Broncos. All are favorite and easy, "ice breaking" topics for me.

Vanessa explained that she has lived "pretty much all over the place" but is originally from So Cal. The inevitable, "Where are you from?" came from the back seat. Quickly adding, "You sound like a local."

That's all it took!

"No, actually I'm from Idaho, Twin Falls Idaho." Before I could say it, Vanessa sighed saying, "That's such a beautiful place." Evidently Idaho has been one of the many places she has visited but wasn't one of her many homes.

The remainder of the trip was spent talking about Idaho memories; memories of the past and memories of the future yet to be made. She even said Idaho seemed like a great place to marry and raise a family. How true.

With the airport now in sight she asked how we got here so quickly. She wants to use the same route when she picks up her sister next week.

"Austin Texas is also a great place. Have you been there?"

"No," I replied. She asked for my cell number so I could pick her up when she returns. I hope she calls! We could talk more about Idaho and maybe she would share a bit about Austin.

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